For all our respected clients we provide the refund policy. It discuses about the situations when you can claim to get back your money.  It is made to maintain 100% client satisfaction. To make online shopping for software friendly, we offer to get the money back. We offer 30 days return policy.

We will pay you back in various situations?

  • The order software is not performing according to the demo version
  • Our customer representatives fail to guide you the best
  • In case the license version is not performing completely

We request our clients to feel free to contact our technical team in case the purchased software of us is not performing exactly it has been promised to provide. Our technical team ensure to assist you the best after analysing your problem. In case the issue is not resolved, we will make refunding. is not liable for any one of the following:

  • You have accidently made wrong shopping (purchase a wrong product, for example looking to buy individual version by mistake bought commercial version)
  • Misdirect email situation (email is not received by you or received by a wrong recipient)
  • You have not proceeded to activate the software in the given date (activation data is over)
  • The activation email is sent to the spam mail by the client's email client
  • You have purchased the program, activate it and now you don't wish it
  • You have made the shopping of the software unintentionally
  • You have downloaded the program in your computer now facing difficulties to operate it because the PC is not meeting the adequate need of the program
  • Misinterpretation of the clients while they are taking assistance from our tech expertise
  • The ordered item is not working due to your fault (each returned product of us is verified by us if you notice that it is damaged due to you there will be no payback)
  • You have missed the return back date (provide 30 days return policy)

Refund will not be considered in case of:

The refund policy will not work for the clients who have made shopping of any of our software without evaluating its free demo version

If he software is failed to provide the performance for which it has been designed likewise none other program in the tech market also couldn't perform the same process

The refund policy will not considered if the software has completed 40% of its task

We request:

To avoid refund problem, we request each client of us to try the demo version first before they shop. The free trial prevents you from the trouble to return back because after trail you have tried to make sensible shopping.

Note: (upgrade is provided but not downgrading. For example, if you have shopped individual version and thinking to change to enterprise, you can do this)