One stop solution to collect and merge small PST files for smart data management"

The Personal Storage Table Unicode file extension is capable to store 20 GB data. It means one can create a big PST file. If most of your PST files are small in size and you are facing difficulty in managing them, mix the PST files of one category together to create a big PST file. This is a smart way to avoid mismanagement of data. Our PST Merge tool gives you the flexibility to merge multiple PST files simultaneously and accurately.


Download the free PST Merge Solution to examine the key features of the utility

Capacity to merge both Unicode and ANSI PST files into a Single PST

The tool lets you connect two different versions of PST to create one big PST file. Whether you have stored PST files in ANSI or Unicode, the tool merges all of them.

Multiple options to merge PST files to find desirable results

Merge by creating new folder for each PST

Here the app allows you to create new folder each time to save the merged data. This feature makes file management easy.

Merge All Contacts in Similar Folders

The app enables you to extract contacts of multiple PST files to merge them together and save them in the same folder.

Merge Only Contacts

The features merge only contacts the selected PST files.

Merge Only Inbox

In this option, you will get the opportunity to merge inbox of the selected PST files. Your inbox holds multiple important emails. If you only want to view the received emails, this option is useful for you.

Select the Standard Folder to Merge

The app MS Outlook Merger gives you flexibility to merge any of your desired folders of PST files. You can merge contacts, notes, messages, outbox, inbox or events to customize the merge operation.

Merge Only User's Selected PST Files

This tool gives user's the flexible environment to merge data. It merges those PST files that users have selected. Deep search support from the local folders is provided by the app to locate the specific PST files to merge.

Remove Duplicate Content

This is the advance feature that you can select to find accurate merge results.

Exclude or Include Deleted Content

This is also an advance feature that you can access. It is simply depended on your wish.

Save the Merged Files to a New PST File

It creates a new PST file to save the merged data.

Safe to Use

The software PST Merge keeps the data quality intact. It merges the file content with top accuracy. No file is damaged or lost.

Windows Utility, Highly Compatible

This tool can be easily downloaded in Windows 10, XP or Vista. It is compatible with MS Outlook latest versions like 2007 and 2013.

Download Free

Install the free demo version of PST Merge software to run in your Windows system.