The page has been made to let you know about how much we respect your privacy. Below are detailed of the privacy policy. Please take a look:

We Collect Information:

Browsers and clients who register with us! We are dedicated to collect information of the name, email address and other personal information of clients who are registered with us.

What is the purpose of us for collecting information?

We gather information of our visitors for different purposes. It is not dedicated to one purpose. It helps us to make our site experience better for users. Visitors share their thoughts and ideas that help us to bring improvement in the site appearance and bring necessary changes in services according to their suggestions. Browsing activities of visitors are evaluated to know what they need and how we can help them by bringing improvement in information. Your shared email address is used to send you updates regarding our services. Any new version or upgrading newsletters is sent to your email id to let you know about our latest events and services. We try to make our relationship with clients better and healthy.

Note: our newsletter service can be stopped if you click the unsubscribe button. Each email of us carries an unsubscribe button that you can click to stop getting updates from us.

What are our role in maintain your privacy?

We respect our each client privacy, therefore using high quality and authorized software to protect your personal information. The responsibility is monitored by our reliable workers.

Do we disclose your personal data?

We maintain high quality privacy. We ensure that no information including email id and phone number is shared with any third party. We are dedicated to maintain your privacy with our partners till they assure us that the data is not misused. We put our best effort to protect your information for advertising purposes. We abide the rules and regulations of law before releasing your personal information.

Welcome Third Party Links welcomes you to post your links in our site but we are not associated with the third party activities. Our focus is to maintain the integrity of Pcinfotools.

Our Authority

We have the authority to make changes in the site page anytime and without any notice. We let you update with any change we initiate.

The privacy policy of us is in simple format. If you have any query associated with the privacy policy you can write to us. We ensure to take your query seriously and reply back to you as soon as possible.